Oral Update: It takes a dentist. And that’s not a book by Rick Santorum. Like my dentist, bon vivant William Christie, a guy who does lunch in a big way. So I checked in with the doc about the new place in the downtown Santa Cruz Art Center, Center Street Grill, right across from his office. And here’s the word: “Massive quantities, friendly service, and massive quantities.” Christie admitted that even he couldn’t “open wide” enough to consume his very generous turkey club sandwich in a dainty fashion. As far as the menu — which is all over the map — the doc graciously called it “diverse.” . . . Dentists make perfect food informants — face it, they’re all about oral. And Christie is nothing if not reliable. Proof — He loves the cinnamon rolls at Linda’s Seabreeze. He is mad for the snapper tacos at El Palomar. And he wisely annoints Caffe Bené as top spot for “the best coffee in town.” Can your dentist do that?