I can’t take it anymore! Surely this has happened to you. You are out dining, enjoying your main course and your server comes by the table and asks: “Are you guys still working on that?” I am always put off by such rude and inappropriate behavior. Doesn’t anyone train servers anymore? Dining is not exactly shoveling mud, so no I am not “still working on that.” It really takes the charm right out of any meal to be asked if I’m still slogging my way through the tedious business of dining. And save “you guys” for your friends, and/or patrons under 25 years of age. And even then it’s really presumptuous.

The other big trend in serving that makes me absolutely nuts, is the habit on the part of well-meaning, but clueless servers to approve of your order. For example, I chose a glass of Foggy Bay Sauvignon Blanc. The server responds by saying, “Good choice!” Is that something they’re taught to say so that the patron won’t feel insecure? Aren’t servers aware that they may be approving an order by someone who knows what they’re doing? If I want advice, I will ask for it — and I often do. Lots of times this sort of unwanted reassurance will even happen when I’m just placing my appetizer order. “Seared ahi with coriander, please,” and the server responds, admiringly, “Good choice” or….”that’s my favorite!”