Babes in Boots: I joined every liberal in the county worth her Birkenstocks for a festive roast of outgoing Supervisor Mardi Wormhoudt up at The Attic. It was a terrific spread laid out by the cozy upstairs eatery, and the populi loved it. Here’s Mardi showing off her new boots to fellow foot fetishist Karla Hutton. While I’m dropping names, let’s see. Al and Denise “the Organizer” Holbert were there, as well as the resplendant Claire Biancalana and handsome hubby Judge Kelsey. Bruce Bratton and John Tuck actually stood near each other! Tuck is on his way to Cambodia for three weeks. Nancy Abbey looked great, as did the vivacious czarina of real estate Dee Vogel. Phyllis Wasserstrom and Connie Croker, a very buffed Tom Ellison, and Jane Weed never looked better. Haven’t seen Jane since the Bob Dylan concert a few years back. Current mayor Emily Reilly told me she recently moved from her vintage King Street adobe. Ray Gwyn Smith and visionary mathematician Ralph Abraham were sighted somewhat to the right of Gillian Greensite and Mike Rotkin. Naturally, no one is to the left of Mike Rotkin. Kathy Beiers looked ready for a marathon, but Andy Schiffrin was taking things slow and easy. A terrific crowd all settling in for an evening of ribald Mardi gras roasting led by one of our local treasures, John Laird.