David Jackman from the irresistible house of Chocolate (1522 Pacific Avenue) called me to remind everybody that when the weather is cold and rainy, don’t just walk on by this chic little cafe. “Lots of people think that without the outdoor tables and chair, there’s no place to sit.” But there is! “We have an additional room now,” Jackman said. And that means plenty of space to come in from the cold and have a delicious something. Chocolate is open (and very convenient too right next to Bookshop Santa Cruz) from 11 to 11 daily. Now you know. . . . And for shoppers who are just too busy to cook right now, there’s the bargain gourmet home-cooked Blue Plate Special at Gayle’s. We feasted – two of us did, actually – on a single flavor-intensive dinner of pork chili verde (with distinct kick), poblano mashed potatoes (double OMG) and a cilantro-laced cabbage slaw, all for — you better be sitting down – $12.50. Stop thinking of Gayle’s as simply a place to swill amazing pastries and breads, and get with the full dinner program. Dine in and enjoy the bustling neighborhood atmosphere, or take your dinner home and warm it up chez vous. Thank you Gayle.