There’s one in every crowd: The loudmouth, I mean. The person whose voice can clear a room. It is rude beyond belief that people will sit down in a public place – in this case a restaurant – and proceed to hold every other diner hostage simply by talking nonstop, or by talking loudly nonstop. How can a person reach adulthood and not know that they are being obnoxious? Aha! That’s part of this personality profile. The loudmouth is so self-involved, feels so entitled that they don’t really give a damn about the feelings of anyone else. The world is theirs, isn’t it? To these people, I am down on my knees begging – please shut up! Please look around and notice that everyone else is sending daggers of disbelief and disgust, right at you. Please know that you are NOT the only person who is paying good money for their dinner, the restaurant’s ambience, the pleasure of actually hearing their companion’s conversation. Thank you.