Chef Alert! I just got a call on my food hotline from a fan of Italian cooking, and the news is GOOD. For all of you who loved the cooking of chef Giovanni Di Maio at the former, splendid Caffe Bella Napoli, take heart. Di Maio has now taken over the stoves at Capitola’s Il Pirata, where according to my informant, he’s back doing all of his classic dishes — which I hope to God includes his magnificent pasta Norma and veal marsala. I’ll let you know soon! Meanwhile, get over to Il Pirata – 210 Esplanade, Capitola (831/462-1800) and feast on Di Maio’s authentic cucina italiana. Add the new improved Il Pirata to the charming Caruso’s, and it’s looking a whole lot like Capitola could be the Italian dining center of the county.