Many of you instinctively realize that, yes, there is something uglier than even the River Street sign. And it is right here in downtown Santa Cruz, a mere two blocks down the street (from the much-loathed River Street sign), nestled beneath the also-ugly Town Clock. I refer, of course, to that mock-Guernica, Frankenstein-in-bronze, anti-war statue we are forced to endure every time we want to drive to the bank, or across the Water Street bridge to go to the gym.

I’m sorry to offend the sculpture’s perpetrator, but this is a flagrant waste of good bronze. In a town that likes to congratulate itself on being an artist’s enclave, how in God’s name did such a mind-numbingly ugly eye-sore find such a prime location? Just because someone with good intentions assures you that they have an important artwork to showcase — don’t believe them until you see the evidence. The road to hell is paved with people promising to sell you perfectly nice bridges.

Here’s another view – exhibit B, if you will.