The salsa stains had barely been cleaned up from the late, unlamented Baja Fresh, when the infrastructure for a new east Indian eatery called Sitar moved in. It’s no mystery why a taco chain failed in a landscape blessed with a huge array of authentic Mexican taquerias. The word “duh” comes to mind. What were they thinking? Any time a generic establishment bites the dust here in our enchanted neck of the woods, it’s occasion to give thanks. Sacrifice a chicken. Light some candles. Whatever sort of “thank you” your household gods favor. No word from the Sitar folks on when they plan to open, but from the look of the interior, it could be any minute now.

Also Aptos residents — and the rest of the county for that matter — can look forward to a new Eastern Mediterranean culinary bazaar to open in April. On the site of the former Breadstix, the new spice island will be called Zameen — decor by Mimi Snowden. Stay tuned.