nysnow2.jpgYes, it was snowy in Manhattan last week! Beautiful, crisp and COLD. But that didn’t stop me from devouring all the food and art the law would allow.

Central Park, as you can see (that’s the Dakota, where John Lennon lived, in the background) looked gorgeous. I drove through it on my way to breakfast at the Neue Galerie‘s decadent Cafe Sabarsky. Pastries lined up like it was Vienna 1923 all over again.

The Neue Galerie, art lovers will recall, is theneuegal.jpg jewelbox mansion on 5th Avenue (at 86th) that Ronald Lauder (Estee’s son) transformed into a home for Austrian and German artwork. The current exhibition includes four rooms of furniture, textiles, wallpaper – the works – designed by the Wiener Werkstatt’s Josef Hoffman (the Viennese equivalent of Charles Rennie MacIntosh). But I was there for a breakfast of poached eggs, Viennese coffee and slabs of toast, before heading upstairs to wallow in the glittering image of Gustav Klimt’s $138 million masterwork. (see below)
But this was only one of many of my adventures in the large apple. See my other posts for more details.