For those of you who’ve been emailing me, the answer is Woodstock’s Pizza, Inc. That’s what’s going in to the old Erik’s Deli space on Front Street. . . . And hold the April 22 date: Santa Cruz’ own irrepressible, culinary performance artist Jozseph Schultz is wok’ing on the wild side again. This time it’s a reinvention of the benefit dinner involving aerial choreography, Persian New Year’s festivities — and authentic cuisine thanks to ethnographer-chef Schultz (the co-founder of India Joze restaurant for SC newbees), to be held at the bohemian 418 Front Street. The benefit bit is to save the luscious old hardwood floors in the alternative arts space.

You’ll be hearing more from me on the Persian New Year extravaganza, but for now save up $50-$75 per, for tickets and that date again is April 22. Find out more about Gail Rich awardee Schultz, at and learn about the 418 concept at