Cocoa d’Arriba is yet another designer chocolate bar, priced at just under $3 and situated near enough to the check out lanes to tempt even the St. Anthony’s among us. We succumbed. At 77% cocoa and inflected with orange liqueur, this elite treat is ultra smooth and creamy. But the high cocoa content proves the downfall – at least in terms of enjoyability. Mono-dimensional in taste and almost unrecognizable as chocolate, this product lacks the balance between cocoa and butterfat to satisfy our chocolate desire. So there you are.

gui.jpgHowever, a sensational bar of pure dark chocolate – 61% cacao – from the house of Guittard (founded in San Francisco in 1868) proved almost perfect. Almost. The balance was exceptional, and yet, somehow the overall chemistry was not complete.

THE BEST! That’s when we discovered the electrifying Scharffen berger Semi-Sweet chocolate,scharf.jpg with 62% cacao. This elegant, $3.50 slice of heaven, hit every note. Substantial with a hint of creaminess, it started beautifully, opened into tangerine notes, and finished with a touch of honey. Absolutely perfect balance, and the company gets highest marks for using – and proudly printing on the label – non-GMO soy lecithin. Check out the labels of everything you’re tempted to purchase. If it’s got “soy” in any form, chances are it’s already been genetically modified. Franken food is everywhere – be vigilant. And while you’re on the anti-Monsanto path, fuel up on this glorious chocolate from Scharffen Berger. Stupendous chocolate any way you bite it.