River Cafe & Cheese Shop has blown me away once again. And it’s not simply that one entire counter-top of fresh, decadent desserts should be declared illegal. Especially those addictive Valrhona chocolate brownies.

The other day Jack had a cold, so to pamper him I stopped by River Cafe for something special. Hot soup. Yes, just what every cold needs. So I got a to-go bowl of organic veggie soup packed with huge chunks of zucchini, carrot, green beans, broccoli in a thick, rich broth. Also a large slice of outrageous pizza topped with prosciutto, gruyere cheese, onions and asparagus — sinful, sinful, sinfully good. For dessert, a slab (I am not joking) of dark, spicy gingerbread. Such gorgeous food – total eye calories.
The pizza — killer, crisp, whole wheat crust — was generous enough for lunch, and a mini-afternoon snack as well. All were served with hibiscus lemonade and Jack’s cold was vanquished with each bite.

River Cafe & Cheese Shop perches in front of the Farmers Exchange, at 415 River St., Santa Cruz.