The Rosecrans Project Art Exhibit, is the work of San Diego-based sculptorrosecrans1.jpg Brad Burkhart, whose inspiration for the project is the process of envisioning a post-war world. The opening reception is this Friday, June 29, at 6pm at Louden Nelson Center.
It began when Burkhart was visiting the Rosecrans National Military Cemetery in 2003, where soldiers from every major US conflict are buried. After sitting alongside the graves of those soldiers – including the first American to die in the current Iraq war — Burkhart’s creative response was a series of bas-relief sculptures, entitled The Rosecrans Project.”

The Project comes to Louden Nelson Center for a month, starting with an opening reception on Friday, June 29th, 6-9pm., and Burkhart will be there to show photos of the cemetwry, read from his journal record of his experiences there, and invite the community to help name one of the pieces in the series. It is an interactive event in the old-fashioned sense of conversation, discussion and being together in a social setting joined by a common cause.

The sculpture works are unusual and haunting, filled with a bittersweet sense of loss and hope. The Rosecrans Project may be previewed on line at Burkhart’s website.

Where: Louden Nelson Center, 301 Center Ave, downtown Santa Cruz
When: Friday, June 29th, 6 – 9 pm
Contact: Delana Thompson, local coordinator