Since we all have access to any number of fabulous farmers markets, is there really any excuse for us to even consider buying produce that has been shipped across the country? No, of course not.

Okay. Now my question is to our local grocery stores. Why would YOU even consider offering produce tobeets1.jpg your customers that had been shipped across the country? We all congratulate ourselves in the Santa Cruz area about how environmentally astute we are for buying and eating seasonal, local produce — but then I looked at the fine print on a little box of organic cherry tomatoes this week (at a store that shall remain nameless) and found the word “Florida” on it. OMG!!!
Give me a break! If produce buyers can’t find local, in-season produce they should just wait until they can. But actually offering stuff that has been shipped across the entire country…why? It sure can’t be for the flavor, or the “tiny” carbon footprint…..
Caveat emptor: read the labels!!