Pastry poetry deepens at Gabriella with the handiwork of Jessica Yarr. Imagine polenta cake with sweet corn gelato.truffles.jpg Chocolate torte with amaretto whipped cream. Endless hand-crafted truffles in amazing complexity – dark dark chocolate, sherry-tinged chocolate, chocolate romanced by hazelnuts. Yes, yes, yes!. . . . The ribs at Hula’s are good enough to turn even the most stubborn vegan. Well, almost. . . and La Bruschetta up in Felton is not the same since Luca Rubino sold it this spring. You can still find Rubino’s distinctive touch at In Vino Veritas in Scotts Valley. Thank God! . . . Don’t miss the designer fish tacos at Kelly’s on the Westside. . . And if you can find a bottle of Sones Cellars Petite Sirah, buy it. It’s a bottle-full of huge ripe berries and spice, from a local, micro-winery. Or enjoy a glass at Gabriella. Your call.