Hot and fast enough to pierce full body armor, The Bourne Ultimatum locks on and doesn’t let up for almost two hours. Utterly jet-propelled, this flick delivers rock solid movie licks andbourne.jpg then some. Don’t even think about waiting until it’s out in DVD — you gotta see this one on the Big Screen so that you can go for what amounts to one Very Big Ride.

I promise that you will be glued to your seat, unable to breathe, during this intense and intelligent flash cinema spectacle. Let’s just say that Bourne makes James Bond look positively lethargic.

The film explodes with camerawork and editing that wasn’t even invented until last week. Unbelievable stuntwork and unbelievable shots as we follow the brooding Matt Damon through every major world capitol and train station reachable by satellite imagery. No flab – on Damon or the film. No gratuitous sex or violence, just pure cinematic hardball. (Let me revise that: no sex and at least two fight scenes to rival anything starring either Harvey Keitel or Edward Norton.) The taut casting includes David Strathairn as a CIA honcho, and Strathairn — a terrific heavy —has never been better. Joan Allen as a Langley rival is right on the money. Gritty and loaded with amazing shots of very cinematic urban landscapes.

So what if you have to endure other people eating popcorn – this movie is worth the hassle. And make sure you go 8 minutes late so that you don’t have to sit through a million commercials and previews.