Attic View: Interesting news about The Attic changing hands. It’s high time the place got spruced up a bit. It’s so, well, listless. And hopefully someone will toss the revolving display case with all that plastic-wrapped cake. . . . Went to May’s at the former Takara site on Soquel Avenue, where the hand-written sign assured us — “We Now Open.” Well, may be, but may be not. The sushi wrappers kept unwrapping, the server insisted that we “Enjoy,” and the beer and wine license has not yet arrived. . . . The new Batik Cafe, at former Parwana site next to the Rio Theater, is slated to open on Aug 18. . . . Wish I could tell you that Oswald would be opening soon. According to Eric Lau, things are taking, well, longer than they wanted. “But this is going to be a real restaurant,” he assured me, “with real restroom facilities, ” he laughed. And two and a half times the space of the late, great bistro. “We’re making progress, but there’s a lot of progress to be made,” Lau said. Realistically, “we’re looking at the first of the year,” for a new, revamped Oswald (at the corner of Soquel and Front Streets).