Side by Side: New Work by Jenny and Geoff Morten — opening September 7, at the Santa Cruz County Bank, 325 Soquel Avenue.

The Mortens, Jenny – she’s the porcelain sculptor – and Geoff – he’s the painter,morten.jpg came to California from their native England just a few years ago. But they haven’t simply been sitting around swilling Chardonnay. The absurdly gifted couple have created enough memorable artworks to fill quite few shows in the past two years.

Having said that, the current work about to unfold in three locations across Santa Cruz county, takes even the Morten’s most experienced collectors into new aesthetic terrain.

While Geoff’s oil-on-panel paintings explore multiple reflective imagery — hands, faces, patterns rife with time trips at the edge of memory – Jenny’s new work in thrown, fired, and sculpted wall pieces explores the strata of California, the land and its mineral infrastructure. (Detail below from her Ripple Wall series.)tile.jpg

Come see for yourself. Side by Side – an exhibition of new works by Geoff and Jenny Morten is on display at the Santa Cruz County Banks in Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley and Watsonville, from September 7 through November 9, 2007. The display at 325 Soquel Avenue in Santa Cruz is colorful, haunting and very smart.