The subject is lettuce mix. I guess I’ve just had enough. Yesterday, as I once again picked over the wilted, tired lettuces in the mix at New Leaf – searching for a handful of greens that still looked as though they still retained some lifeforce, I realized it had been like this for the past year. Maybe more. Oh in the spring, the greens here look and taste great. But once summer hits, the downhill slide begins. I’m begging New Leaf to respect itself and its customers enough to either: a) find new purveyors of lettuce mix or, b) stop putting it out in the produce section altogether, until they can get a grip on the situation.

The deal is that there is good, fresh, vibrant baby lettuce available. I see it every time I visit the farmers market. If the Everett Family Farmers can package gorgeous bouncy appealing greens, then I know it’s possible.

Would you put this wilted stuff on your own dinner table? Would you serve this to your own family or friends? Then why are you asking your community to buy it?

New Leaf – I’ve been shopping at your stores since the day you opened. But enough! Your lettuce mix is a joke. Please fix it!