How can we explain the Disney-produced mess that is National Treasure 2? How is it possible cage.jpgthat Nicolas Cage – with his monochromatic, slack-jawed, puppy-eyed expression, his bad dye job, his cornball tendency to break out in patriotic sweats at the drop of a hat – how is it possible that this man continues to get work in the movies? (Surely it can’t still be the Coppola thing, can it?)

Lacking script, direction, competent acting (except from old pros Jon Voigt, Ed Harris and Helen Mirren, who must have needed the money), National Treasure 2 lurches through a visual wikipedia of great films from the past.

From Indiana Jones we get the underground treasure thing and rolling boulders. From Journey to the Center of the Earth, we get, well, more underground stuff with lots of people trapped waaaay down below. Stargate is referenced, and not for the better. A few stabs are made at North by Northwest (a major error, trying to bounce off Hitchcock with nary a shred of style, energy or concept). There are embarrassing attempts at banter, political humor and even sexual chemistry – none of which work.

I could go on but my spirit is broken. Just thinking about the waste of money and the indigestion caused by mega-munching all that popcorn (the only positive encounter during the entire 2+ hours) has wiped me out. Let’s just say that there is a direct correlation between the current administration and the bathos presented in this film. Clueless filmmaking of the worst kind. Boring, boring, boring!