Isn’t anyone else getting tired of his mechanical chanting, the chilling delivery, the obvious manipulation?

The last time Americans voted for someone who spoke in such repetitive, glib generalities and revealed so little of substance about himself, we ended up with George W. Bush.

Obama is starting to bear an eerie resemblance to Bush in that he refuses to take any actual position. Mr. Neutral doesn’t say anything that might give someone an idea of where he’s actually coming from. Betting that less is more, he has carefully kept himself free of specific agendas, strategies or intellectual analysis – simply relentless style, a cold smile and natural social charisma. (Check out Robin Morgan’s resounding commentary at Women’s Media Center.)
The O man is a quintessential social construction – fueled by the media-driven frenzy in order to sell advertising. And the amount of air time they’re giving him has gotta amount to an illegal campaign contribution. Don’tcha think?

Martin Luther King, Jr. – a man who paid more than his dues, and whose exact speech patterns have been memorized by the O man – is spinning in his grave.