Come on – even anorexic starlets have handlers and trainers who make sure they’re ready for their close-ups. Why can’t the powerful and brilliant Mrs. Clinton get herself some consultants on image, attitude and rhetoric?

Hillary – it’s time for your make-over. Here’s a place to start. First, lose that strident royal blue suit. Now! Even Margaret Thatcher in her most cojones-of-steel days couldn’t have pulled off that ugly, ugly color. Start wearing more of that hill.jpgluscious brown, sunny yellow and warm coral.
Okay. Next. Stop yelling. And stop speaking in slow, carefully-measured monotones. Loosen it up – tell the folks how you feel, what you care most deeply about – and don’t keep blaring “Universal Health Care.” Honey, UHC has all the sex appeal of a used coffee filter.
Of course we all want universal health care, but let’s fill that stuff in after you’ve won the election. Right now the folks want eye contact and the colorful details of your personal mission. (Like you’re doing here, in this terrific AP photo.)
Tell us stories. How you got into this business. Where you want us all to go together. Remember to tell us how you’re gonna get us there, because that other guy is avoiding specifics like the plague.
Don’t be boring, be fascinating. You can do that – I’ve seen you do it.

Find a few choice message morsels and milk them. Don’t get too detailed – people used to sound bites can’t absorb too much at one feeding. Give us high quality fast food.
Get a mantra fast and work it.

In other words – and let’s review – wear your best colors, adopt some appealing phrases – not hundreds, just two or three – and use them to sell yourself to those who are just about to come down from their O High.