At Avanti last week, Jack feasted on his beloved meatballs with ribbons of pappardelle (they are killer) , while I roamed the range looking for some new flavor hit. Big fun arrived in the form of a roast half Poulet Rouge, one of those deeply flavored, heirloom French breeds that are wowing foodies all over the Bay Area these days.

Avanti’s kitchen finished the roast poultry with a red wine sauce, and served it with an unctuous parmesan risotto and a watercress salad ($17). Shaved fennel topped the risotto, which made a fine impression on the poulet. It really does taste like a meal in France, only much closer to my house. . . If you’re lovin’ the pork chops at Avanti, then you are familiar with the pasture-raised, organically-fed pigs raised by Jim Dunlop of TLC Ranch. Jim emails to tell me that he’s got even more grass-fed pork available at the farmers markets on weekends. “We have new boneless roasts, succulent ribs, fresh ham, bacon, franks, breakfast patties, and other yummy cuts.”

See for yourself – my freezer is already well-stocked with TLC sausage – at the Westside Santa Cruz market, every Saturday 9am – 1pm. And if you’re fiscally wise, and have a big freezer, you might want to order a half pig ($6/pound) or even a whole one ($5.50/pound) but remember, an entire pig carcass weighs in the neighborhood of 300 pounds. So make sure you’ve got some friends and neighbors around when you take delivery.

Contact TLC Ranch, and make some inquiries.