TLC rancher Jim Dunlop himself was doing the farmers market honors last egg.jpgSaturday – sitting on a mound of free-range gold from his free-rambling, pasture raised chickens. I’ve wandered the range with some of the very chickens who laid these eggs and a happier, more inquisitive, feisty bunch doesn’t exist. Ergo – I was happy to go ahead and pay top dollar – seven of them – for a dozen of the TLC ranch-fresh eggs.

Check out this three-minute egg, sitting in my favorite egg cup from San Miniato al Monte monastery shop in Firenze. An egg worth savoring, loaded with protein, omega 3s and grassy terroir. Intense flavor and electrifying orange color (not photoshopped I promise!) — TLC’s superior eggs are worth every penny.

Tastes Like Chicken Ranch – not just for terrific pastured pork. At your local farmers market.