The quest for chocolate continues — and my most recent fieldwork has turned up another reason to live.

choc.jpgLake Champlain Organic Chocolate! Packaged in a convenient purse-sized (!) 1.25 oz bar, this truly TDF chocolate comes in some brilliant forms. Those who like it dark will scream over the 55% cocoa Dark Spicy Aztec. It tastes something like what Moctezuma might have consumed on his way to the harem – the rich, deep chocolate is spiked with vanilla, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and enough cayenne pepper to make your palate pay attention. The finish on this one is very exciting.

Now for the milk chocolate, sea salt and almonds version. Those of you who will recall my ecstatic description of A16‘s chocolate budino with sea salt and olive oil, should heed this shout out about the Lake Champlain chocolate bar. Even though it contains only 38% cocoa, which ramps down the intensity of its chocolatey-ness, it recovers nicely thanks to the presence of sea salt. The salt powers the chocolate flavor further, faster and, I’ll say it, deeper. Almonds are a value-added ingredient which brings even more to this mouth party.

Dig it – the price is a mere $1.79 per bar, which is scored into eight convenient two-bite-sized rectangles.

At Shoppers, and probably elsewhere. Get it. Eat it. Get some more.