Here’s our new favorite breakfast treat — something as old as the gods of Olympus.yogurt.jpg

Greek-style yogurt from the clever marketing minds of Greek Gods Yogurt. Greek yogurt is yogurt the way the gods intended it – full fat and ultra creamy. So yes, there are a few more calories in the container of Greek Gods Yogurt with honey, than in the unsweetened, non-fat version. But I’m thinking, why choose? Why not have the best of both worlds?

So I bought one container of the plain, non-fat, and another of the ultra-creamy, full fat with honey – and mixed the two. You can imagine this amazing combination of tart and cream right now, can’t you? It tasted just like the thick, tangy yogurt I had on Crete.

But without the jet lag.

We mixed our yogurt combo this morning with fresh peaches from the farmers market. Totally breakfast Parnassus, loaded with tangy-sour excitement, yet rounded with the honey and intense creaminess. Like feral sour cream. This is what they might have swilled in the early days of Lascaux or Altamira.

We found Greek Gods Yogurt at New Leaf, for roughly $1.15 a container. It’s utterly decadent, and loaded with active lacto-bacilli. Decadence that’s good for you. How Greek.