There’s a bit of cinematic poetry now showing at The Nick – for the last week! – called Man on Wire.manwire.jpg
In spellbinding moves, the film tracks the planning behind an astonishing feat of mad, bravura creativity by French wire walker Phillipe Petit. With the help of friends, collaborators and mercenary hippies, Petit plotted an extraordinary bit of performance art – a 45 minute mid-air walk between the two towers of the former World Trade Center. More ephiphany than documentary, the present-day Petit’s passionate narration of the steps leading up to this amazing, and illegal, event is the voice over to footage taken back when the event happened in 1973.

When the incredible walk happens – even though filmgoers know what’s coming – it is sheer, profound poetry. Just to see what this man does – a supernatural act, a once-in-a-lifetime revel. Dionysian in the extreme. The views of Manhattan alone will bring tears to your eyes. Take a look at this image! Sometimes a picture IS worth a thousand words.

Run out this week and see it!