Everybody loves cheese, but few of us get to hang out with someone whoseandrea.jpg cheese lore is deep and pungent. That someone would be fromagiere Andrea London who can talk époisses and cabicou ’til the cows come home. How exciting it was to discover last week that London will be part of the new multi-tiered wine, food and biodynamic delivery team at Bonny Doon Vineyard’s new tasting room. Every Friday from 11-5:30, London will be on hand at the tasting room to demystify dozens of fine domestic and imported cheeses.

The array of fromages du jour will be set out along the wine bar that faces The Cigare Volant Cafe, inside the new tasting cathedral. London is an accessible woman who loves talking cheese, and she’ll provide copious tastes to “illustrate” her talking points. Yet another reason to stop by the new attraction at the very busy Ingalls Street depot on the Westside of Santa Cruz.