almondtorte.jpgDesserts were all excellent, including a textbook crème brulée, a sexy molten chocolate torte and a superb almond cake (seen here) topped with vanilla ice cream. And since the new Oswald has a full bar, we were able to enjoy adult digestifs like Fernet Branca with our after-dinner espresso.

Prices? Modest – most entrées $22, and appetizers averaging $10. Low enough to seduce a flourishing brasserie clientele. The wine list, with a small, fine listing of Italian and French varietals as well as California premiums, was also priced encouragingly. The bread – remember just how amazing the Oswald bread and its dense chewy crust always was? — the bread was up to our memories.

Get thee to Oswald immediately and taste what we’ve all missed for the past two years. Oswald – 121 Soquel Avenue @ Front Street – 831/423-7427.