Back when it was the local hotspot of California Cuisine, Theo’s thrilled the entire central coast. Who could forget the irrepressible (!) Ethan Hamm?

Well now Theo’s is closed. Owner Roger Romano was unavailable for comment this morning, but the word is that the building is up for sale.

I had many wonderful meals at that little gem. Sic transit, etc.

Ciao Bella? “Ciao” indeed. The word is that those in charge of this once-popular Ben Lomond dining room and floorshow left shall we say, “abruptly.” Felton’s La Bruschetta is also gone. But not for long, hopefully. We hear that the original owner/chef — who was also much better than the last one — plans to re-open La Bruschetta, a place I had loved back in its infancy.
Now it turns out that Fiesta Tepa Sahuayo has suffered a similar fate. Closed, emptied, owners go bye-bye, (according to one source, the owner died) and a new taqueria is planned for the same space. But it would be hard to duplicate that rose petal Oaxacan sauce, don’t you think?

Where are those culinary bail-out funds when we need them?