So many terrific clichés submitted by readers. You all have media-driven phrases you hate, despise and loathe. How could I have overlooked . . .

“At the end of the day” (thanks Dee)
“Power down” (gracias Wally)
“In harm’s way” (courtesy of Facman)
“How goes it?” (care of db)
“Have a nice day!” (from Kate)
“I’m a —– person.” (Angie)
“Sea change” (Eleanor H.)
“That said,…” (ditto)
“Entitlement” (from Dr. H)
“The best of the rest…..” (language in a coma)

To all of you who submitted these hackneyed phrases, and so many more: Thank you for sharing. (At least we don’t have to listen to that cliché anymore.)