dinnermkt.jpgObviously it was an idea whose time had arrived. The idea of an outdoor community dinner seemed simple enough. But who knew that it would be so wildly popular that even before the 6pm start time the long table between Kelly’s and its companion wineries was packed. Grills were blazing, families had staked out turf on the long, long table — which was quickly joined by every piece of furniture the popular bakery-bistro could find.

The idea of inviting folks to bring their own glasses, plates and utensils, to purchase dinner dishes from a variety of tempting open-air stations, and then to just somehow go with the happy chaotic flow – well it worked. Gloriously.

Everyone seemed willing to play, and the warm summer evening helped everything bdkellys.jpgwork. From across the parking lot, Cellar Door chef Charlie Parker (shown here in white) set up a station offering gorgeous fingerfood as well as the inventive wines of Randall Grahm.

Always willing to take chances, to create little islands of social warmth and to never take themselves too seriously – Mark and Kelly Sanchez just keep getting it right.