Dear Westside community partners in the natural food game: I love New Leaf. I love the very idea of New Leaf. But since expansion into the Big Store, the delivery system seems to have bogged down.

Sandwiches are now made in slow motion, even at the obviously busy lunch hour. By individuals who appear never to have seen a loaf of bread. Tuna sandwiches are laboriously constructed as if working from blueprints printed in Latvian. Same thing at check out.

Even during peak hours, there are few check out folks on duty. And – forgive me – they are slow. Often they stop in the middle – the middle! – of a transaction and chat with other checkers. Or leave the checkout lane entirely and go off on a mission of mercy for another patron. Well-meaning, but unclear on the concept.

I urge New Leaf management to spend more time on staff training. Thank you.

Your friend,