skirtstk.jpgYou know me. Ultra organic, ultra healthy – no unnecessary fats, nothing fried (except maybe well…). But there I was a few Sundays ago, staring at the most beautiful, hot, freshly-grilled sandwich in creation. One bite and I melted – sort of like the Swiss cheese slathered all over the tender strips of skirt steak on this incredible dish.

Hot, delicious as only the beef & cheese combo can be (think glorified cheeseburger, rubbed with Cajun spices), and utterly substantial — this was a sandwich that brought me to my knees, and reminded me that sometimes the classic layerings of ingredients just cannot be beat.

The sandwich was the special of the day. The place was Scopazzi’s. (God I can still taste it, it was staggeringly good.)

Thank you Scopazzi’s!