That’s what my informants are telling me, many of whom had fun visitingalbatartare.jpg places they’d never been to before. Ah, the allure of the prix fixe meal.

Maybe it should become a fixture on menus from now on.

At any rate, I heard great things about so many restaurants. Friends gushed about how much they enjoyed going up to Hollins House, a place they hadn’t visited before. Others said they always thought of Clouds as simply a popular watering hole, but were delighted by how great the food was. Gabriella was so popular they began running out of some items….

Oswald was packed, and so was Soif where I broke ranks and ordered from the regular menu. Here’s a gorgeous albacore tartare I had as a starter – really almost a meal unto itself. Then I had duck, while my dinner partner enjoyed a beautiful plate of triptip sliced over fingerling potatoes, one of the prix fixe choices.

It was all lots of fun – in fact, many places weren’t actually prepared to handle all the traffic that came in during that first week in October.

Hopefully, it will renew our interest in favorite foods and favorite restaurants again.