gardencheese.jpgArtisanal cheesemaker and rancher Rebecca King (who was also former chef at Gabriella) emailed to remind me about the chance to purchase freshly dressed, organically-raised young lamb in time for holiday special dinners. The lamb is raised at Monkeyflower Ranch, and fed on pasture grasses, alfalfa and spent organic grains from Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing. Mild and tender, just like the animals themselves, the meat is now available in whole or half carcass.

A half lamb, approximately 15 pounds of dressed meat, produces 2 shanks, 8 rib chops,2# loin chops,
4# boneless leg,1# stew meat and 3 pounds of ground meat — for $175. A whole lamb runs $300. The lambs will be processed (yes, you know what that means) at Creston, CA, and pick-up of packaged frozen meat is available on Sat. Dec. 19 in Santa Cruz, Sun. Dec. 20 at the farm, Mon. Dec. 21 in San Jose and Tues. Dec. 22 in San Francisco. For details or to place an order, please contact Rebecca King, at rebeccajaneking@gmail, or call 831/760-3630.