In Aptos, Muriel Loubiere has filled her Au Midi Valentine’s Eve menu with food for lovers. Foods with a provençal accent.

It begins with salad of Dungeness crab & shrimp, with lemon coulis & tomatoes emulsion, followed by wild mushroom crème brulée.

Entrees include Vegetarian Risotto: asparagus, lemon confit, mascarpone & reduction of balsamic vinegar, Or -  rosemary kebab of Scallops: with glazed caramelized endives and orange juice, Or – seared foie gras served on a Rabbit and chicken stew, with Port and white balsamic vinegar reduction.

Dessert involves a Valentine Macaroon filled with a rose & vanilla custard.

This will be a dinner to remember. What happens afterwards, is entirely up to you…Price $60.00 per person (tax and gratuity not included). Au Midi, is located in the square behind Aptos Cinema, and Valentine’s Day is still February 14.