Here’s the scoop –indiajozesmall.jpg

This morning many of us woke up to an excited email from Joseph Schultz (see below), who has been involved in private discussions with many in the area about various templates for a new culinary showcase.

I’m not sure how this will work, and will keep you posted as it develops.

“Wokking Out of the Ashes—-India Joze
I was hoping to have an extended discussion of the whys and wherefores of restaurants in our society leading to a gentle nudge in the direction of expanding my visibility and cooking more often for more of you. Fortunately, events have overtaken me and it looks like India Joze may be opening at 418 Front Street, across from the Metro Bus Station, if I can raise funding quickly enough to avail us of this opportunity. To this end, I am offering $1200 worth of India Joze for $1000. This credit can be used for anything I do: restaurant meals, catering (weddings, anniversaries, birthdaze, memorials, fund-raisers), cooking equipment, food to-go (including a new extensive line of sauces and chutneys), special events and classes at my new location. In addition, your name will go on my online Wall of Early Adopters.”

Try if you’re interested in funding the latest spice trade from Joe.