When Mark Sanchez of Kelly’s Bakery told me that artisanal meat guy Chris la Veque was coming to the Westside, I had to check it out. And it’s true! La Veque’s amazing hand-butchered cured meats and salames have graced the kitchens of Gabriella, Cellar Door and farmer’s markets around the area. Now la Veque is getting serious.

“Yes, I am going to be part of the Westside complex,” la Veque told me this morning. “It’ll be a full-on butcher shop,” and that means salumi, smoked meats, bacon, hams, fresh sausages, “all local and humanely-raised” la Veque added.

Patience, charcuterie fans. I too want el Salchichero open on the Westside next week! But, “and I’m being optimistic,” la Veque confessed, “it will probably be open the first of July.

Another reason why we live in Santa Cruz.