A splendid dinner was enjoyed by us spiceheads last week at the newly re-opened Ambrosia India Bistro. Better than ever is what I thought of our multi-course dinner, which included a sumptuous Lamb Tikka Masala and an order of strange and addictive Dum Aloo – potato curry with dried apricots and mint in a cinnamon-laden sauce. Jack and I also ordered our favorite cauliflower and potato curry, Aloo Gobi, with the heat stepped up to 6/7 on a 10-pt scale. I love Ambrosia’s willingness to work with the patrons in adjusting the spiciness of dishes.

Along with our dinner partners, mathematics guru Ralph Abraham and painter Ray Gwyn Smith, we inhaled countless crispy lentil papadums and a ton of luscious garlic naan, plus excellent David Bruce Petite Sirah.

This place has fantastic, authentic Indian cuisine—go sample food that gives new meaning to the term “complex.”

Ambrosia India Bistro, 207 Searidge Rd., Aptos, 685-0610.