Oyster scene @ Soif – We checked it out last Monday, and especially loved the kumomotos and the sensuous, briny kusshis – accompanied by a light, crisp and lively Muscadet, 2008 Domaine de la Pepiere from the Loire Valley. Yes, the ultra-fresh oysters – served with a Cava mignonette as well as spicy cocktail sauce – are steep, ranging from $1 for the plump Evening Coves, to $2.50 each for the coveted Kusshis.

BUT, with bread you could make a decent light dinner of a half dozen of these, plus the incredibly well-priced white wine. The oysters are pricey, the wine is a bargain. No doubt this is a classy teaser to encourage the folks to hang at Soif on a Monday. The value-added Gypsy jazz by Hot Club Pacific helps it all work.