El Salchichero, Chris LeVeque — with a bit of help from his organic grower parents — is deep into the renovation of the former crafts studio at the top edge of Kelly’s Ingalls empire. What will emerge, soon, is the talented meat guy’s enormous charcuterie works.

LeVeque, an emerging maestro of salume, prosciutto, bresaola, and artisanal lard as pure as the driven snow, is poised to open his retail salchicheria (house of links) next month. Let the salivating begin. . . .

And here’s the other OMG tidbit: Brad Briske told me he will be leaving Gabriella to take over the space formerly known as Theo’s. The fabled organic garden in back will fuel Briske’s creative cuisine in the charming little Soquel boutique bistro.

Meanwhile Gabriella owner Paul Cocking admitted that while he’s sorry to see his talented chef leaving, he sensed the change coming. “He’s been feeling restless for a while now,” Cocking told me. One door closes, and another one opens. Cocking reveals that he’s already auditioning some serious chefs for the Gabriella gig, chefs with hefty resumés and tons of talent. Sounds delicious.