cigare.jpgThe 2008 installment of Bonny Doon Vineyard’s Le Cigare Blanc has been released just in time for serious summer relaxing.

An initial tasting provided an opening hit of honeydew, chased with sea salt and finished with some quince, lime and light jasmine. At 57% Roussane (for the depth) and 43% Grenache blanc (for crisp structure) this wine exudes a perfect balance among citrus, fruit and minerals. Its 14.3% alcohol delivers without equivocation.

This wine just can’t lose. It’s perfect, standing alone or joining just about any other edible substance. Plus it’s biodynamic AND it’s only $22.
Now I need no excuse to pour glass of chilled Rhône-style white wine.

But if you do, try these: it’s Thursday; or you’ve just eaten a green olive. Or, there’s a piece of grilled chicken on your plate that needs accompanying. You see how it works.