Go out and try the fresh halibut tacos at Hawgs — an entire meal for just over $10. . . . Chris LeVeque’s El Salchicero is looking at an opening by Halloween. The tile walls are up, the ceilings gleam, but the House of Codes is still putting this artisanal salumeria through some hoops. Can’t wait!….Lovely dancing and even lovelier music by Jon Scoville distinguished the recent Tandy Beal Eternity-fest at Cabrillo’s Crocker Theater last weekend. Most of Santa Cruz’ arts community packed the house. . . .Top pizza and irresistible music (Emily and Paul Rangell!!) are a few reasons to make La Posta your regular Tuesday night pit-stop. . . . And now, the month after the former Mrs. Pitt impersonates Barbra Streisand we get the equally pitiful Lindsay Lohan attempting a caricature of the late great Grace Kelly (current cover of the gutter-groveling Vanity Fair). Perhaps our only revenge is another scoop of Mission Hills Creamery’s sinful organic pistachio ice cream.