tuna.jpgActually, it could be about any packaged product on the market today. The incredible shrinking product.

It started with the size of the cardboard roll inside toilet paper rolls.  The cardboard cylinder is noticeably (i.e. MUCH) wider in diameter than it used to be. This means the manufacturer can put less actual product (toilet paper) on the cardboard roll. BUT it will look the same size from the outside. It isn’t. It’s less toilet paper. More air, less product.

But I really went ballistic when I opened one of those new small cans of tuna – you know – the 5oz cans, so pathetic! that pretend they are as large as the 6oz.

I opened this baby up, squeezed out the excess liquid – oil in this case, though I usually buy tuna tuna.jpgpacked in water – and looked at what was left. Almost nothing! That’s what was left. Enough for a micro-tuna sandwich. A bite-sized tuna sandwich. The weight was all water, or oil in this case.

Same weight, same size can, less tuna.

I know someone has done the numbers of this, and has polled the folks about it – and probably people hate to see prices go up more than anything.

But I feel positively ripped off when the can size and price remain the same – suggesting that everything about the product is the same as always – but the amount of actual substance inside has shrunken drastically. Nobody likes being made a fool of. Especially moi!