dial1.jpgDial soap has been a staple in my shower since the pleistocene. Big yellow bar makes for squeaky clean epidermal surfaces, etc.

But wait! What’s this? No more big bar, now a highly compromised size and a fraudulent shape.

Okay. Let me back up a few steps. I’m reluctantly entering the new, underwhelming CVS on Mission and I reach for a value-pack of Dial deodorant soap. I take it home. I open it, and I unwrap the normal-sized packaging.

The bar inside was anything but normal-sized. The once-robust rectangle had been cunningly hollowed out so that there was much less soap. Same basic outline, but much less bulk.

dial2.jpgHow rude!¬† And no it wasn’t any cheaper. It was simply a new, wimpy bar of soap masquerading as the same old reliable, full-bodied bar of soap.

Not good.