altepastry.jpgEven though it sounds like the title of a French film, that headline refers to one of the most satisfying pastry encounters of my food life.

I had just waded through a time-trip of northern Renaissance masters—Dürers, Memlings, Cranachs, van der Weydens, as well as the staggering wall of brilliant flesh that is the Rubens collection—and it was time to give my feet a rest.

The Alte Pinakothek contains a soothing tea room that overlooks the parks surrounding the city’s three main museums.

It was beginning to rain.

I sat with an over-sized cup of Assam black tea and a slice of freshly-made rhubarb and mascarpone torte. The perfume of the tea infusing each bite of tart fruit and voluptuously creamy cheese. This was the pastry I had come to Bavaria to sample.

And by the time I finished, the storm was over, the heat was back and there were a few more bits of monumental architecture to be savored.