Carmel was always the spot my aunt favored for weekend getaways. “Let’s go window-shopping,” she would say, and away we went. Like a miniature English country village, Carmel seemed to offer an endless parade of intriguing pocket gardens, shops filled with color and dazzle, and small cafes for lingering in between excursions.

We would walk and walk, peek in windows, shop, eat, something sweet, and watch the people passing by. Such fun!

The village on the coast still holds its attraction, which is why I am thrilled to be making an appearance Saturday April 8th from 1-3pm at Pilgrim’s Way Bookstore, one of those authentic independent bookstores filled with exactly the books you want. My book Inside the Flame: the joy of treasuring what you already have will be there. And so will I and my friend Patrice Vecchione. Patrice is one of those creative writer/artists who never sleeps and is well known to legions of students in the Monterey Bay area. We’ll be there to talk about books, and I’ll be signing copies of my book Inside the Flame.

Exactly the sort of Carmel event my aunt would have loved.

Come join us! Purchase of my book Inside the Flame earns you a complimentary wine tasting at the nearby Windy Oaks Estates Tasting Room.

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Meet & Greet Book Launch with author Christina Waters, PhD
   Saturday — April 8th — 1-3pm
   Pilgrim’s Way Bookstore & Secret Garden
   Dolores between 5th & 6th, Carmel